UNIAT, University of Advanced Technologies

UNIAT recognizes the challenges facing companies and their current and future employees as they compete in today’s commercial and industrial sectors. To prepare competitive graduates who can excel in the quickly changing technological and manufacturing environments, UNIAT is committed to keeping itself up to date in fast growing areas of employment such as computer animation, digital cinematography, game art, game design, game development, mobile gaming, graphic content design, mobile apps design and programming, digital arts and design, visualization and simulation, internet and social media marketing, software development and across a wide range of high-end manufacturing techniques.

UNIAT seeks to become a key player in these competitive markets by providing the training and skills needed to strengthen the most valuable asset of any organization: its people.

Our programs integrate current industry requirements, experienced trainers and teachers, interactive electronic media, up-to-date technology and hands-on experience to create dynamic, competency-based learning.

Relying on its experience as the leading digital technology school, and in response to our customers’ demands for flexible educational modalities, UNIAT began delivering its educational offer via online in 2013, reaching out with specialized courses intended for students, nationwide and internationally. Today our courses can be taken on-line from anywhere in the world or in one of our Mexican education and training centers located in Mexico City, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi and Tijuana.

Close interaction with leading companies and subject matter experts in different fields of education, commerce and industry have led to the identification of specific profiles and skill sets needed by each sector to fill their ranks. All of our study programs, training courses and educational activities have been created with these needs in mind, and our content has regularly evolved to keep them up to date and effective.

As previously noted, the key asset of all organizations is their people, and UNIAT sets the example by hiring and partnering with instructors who are actively involved in their field of expertise so they may share with students and trainees their insights, workplace experience and current challenges. Our classes and training courses take place in small, dedicated groups, no larger than 25 per classroom, in order to enable quality time with each student while helping to assure high content retention levels and effective mastery in the workplace.

UNIAT is ready to become your one stop training and education partner and the best choice for an individual or company interested in meeting the challenges of working in the worlds of modern digital content and technology generation and high-end manufacturing technologies with world-class skills and industry certified competencies.

Scalable Education Methods and Processes

  • Modular curriculum aligns with specific company needs.
  • Blended courses that combine flexible, self-paced, asynchronous online work with hands-on lab experience.
  • Industry developed and proven curriculum offered online and onsite by experienced instructors.
  • Industry recognized competency guidelines.
  • Sequential periodic testing so no one gets left behind.

Degree Programs Offerings

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Digital Content Design

Bachelor’s Degrees in Engineering

  • Mechanical Design Engineering
  • Manufacturing Process Engineering
  • Digital Audio Production Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineering (In process)
  • Innovation and Design Engineering (In process)

Master’s Degrees

  • Cyber Security
  • Industrial Visualization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet Marketing & Advertising
  • Analytics and Data Science (In process)

Continuing Education Certificates & Training Offerings

Computer Graphics Training

  • Video Game Unity® Programming
  • Video Game Unreal® Engine
  • 3D Architectural Visualization
  • Architectural and Industrial Visualization
  • Planimetric and 3D Modeling
  • 3D Digital Design and Animation
  • ToonBoom 2D Animation

Information Technology Training

  • Cyber Security CompTIA
  • C Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Nvidia Cuda Programming
  • Planimetric and 3D Modeling
  • Android Apps Development

Certified Training in High-End Manufacturing

  • GD&T
  • Tool Design & Manufacturing
  • CNC Multi-Axis Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Design