3DMX Inc. Technology & Education Group

Since its founding 3DMX, Inc. has been engaged in innovation. First, walking untrodden paths to develop and provide the most up-to-date services and education in the areas of digital technology, more recently doing the same in high-end manufacturing and technology-based delivery modes. 3DMX, the pioneer in its field in Mexico, provides industry based training solutions and cutting-edge education programs that serve as an effective bridge between the quickly transforming needs of industry and the aspirations of students, seeking a place in the work force, and employees, interested in upgrading their skills and improving the productivity of their employers.

Its strategically located headquarters in the Silicon Valley of California permit 3DMX to have continuous access to the best consultants and industry experts in the world. This international source of constantly evolving technologies and competencies has helped to transform 3DMX into the premier platform for digital technology education and training in Mexico. And it has made possible the development and updating, on a regular basis, the education programs at 3DMX’s University of Advanced Technologies (UNIAT).

3DMX management boasts some of the most important education and training innovators in postsecondary education—including the former president and co-organizer of the University of Phoenix.

Today 3DMX is positioning itself to play a major role in Mexico as a provider of the most up-to-date workforce solutions for the nation’s growing aerospace, automotive, medical devices, IT, and high-end manufacturing industries.

Through its close connection with corporations and federal, state and local governments, 3DMX is well positioned to increase its digital technology footprint across Mexico.


To be a premier provider of workforce solutions for corporations and government agencies in Mexico and other strategic geographies by being a leader in the education and training of students and employees in digital and high-end manufacturing technologies.